K-1005   IC Gulf Fast Freight Set w/horn Illinois Central
    $199.95 ea.    
K-1005 K-1005 K-1005 K-1005 K-1005 K-1005 K-1005 K-1005

Looking for a train set for a beginning railroader? The Illinois Central Gulf Set is the ticket. It features a powerful MP-15 Diesel with a horn and five sturdy freight cars loaded with play value.

The 31' x 51' track layout uses our exclusive SuperSnapâ„¢ track, which makes layout assembly a snap. This track is compatible with all other 'O' Gauge, tubular track. Pull that engineer's cap on and suddenly you're Director of Railroad Operations with the transformer and horn controller responding to your every whim. Rounding out this fantastic value are railroad signs and telephone poles to begin the creation of a railroad village.

Catalog: 2000 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Illinois Central Gulf MP-15 Diesel Engine w/HORN
  •   Illinois Central Boxcar
  •   Illinois Terminal Boxcar
  •   Illinois Central Gulf Ribbed Hopper
  •   Illinois Central Gulf Caboose
  •   8 SuperSnap™ 31" Curves
  •   4 SuperSnap™ 10" Straights
  •   Lighted Lockon
  •   Transformer w/banana plug receptacles
  •   Wires with banana plugs
  •   Horn Controller
  •   5 Telephone Poles
  •   12 Railroad Signs

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