K-1007   CNJ Garden State Hauler w/horn  
    $249.95 ea.    
K-1007 K-1007 K-1007 K-1007 K-1007 K-1007

The colorful red and white paint scheme of the Central New Jersey Railroad is put to work in this set loaded with fun and action. Led by an MP-15 Diesel Switcher with a horn, this set is perfect for a new railroader with a big imagination.

The set features five hard-working freight cars, including a boxcar with opening doors, gondola with crates, flat car with logs, operating crane car and an illuminated caboose. All cars feature die cast freight trucks and operating metal couplers.

The train travels around a 31' x 51' SuperSnap™ track layout, providing plenty of room for the operating barrel loader, operating spot lights, 7 painted figures and 3 billboards inside the oval. Control this empire with the transformer, horn controller and accessory power pack and explore the world of model railroading.

Catalog: 2000 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   CNJ MP-15 Diesel Engine w/HORN
  •   CNJ Classic Caboose
  •   CNJ Classic Boxcar
  •   CNJ Classic Gondola w/crates
  •   CNJ Classic Flat Car w/logs
  •   CNJ Classic Crane Car
  •   8 SuperSnap™ 31" Curves
  •   4 SuperSnap™ 10" Straights
  •   Lighted Lockon
  •   Transformer w/banana plug receptacles
  •   Wires with banana plugs
  •   Horn Controller
  •   DC Power Pack for Accessories
  •   Operating Barrel Loader
  •   Operating Spotlights
  •   Billboards
  •   Painted Figures

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