K-1011W   Anheuser-Busch Historic Set w/whistle Anheuser-Busch

This item is no longer offered for sale by MDK, Inc

This set reproduces authentic paint schemes and rolling stock from Anheuser-Busch historic rail operations. Led by a smoking, die cast steam engine and tender, this complete train set features three prototypical wood-sided reefers to carry ice and other essential materials needed for the transportation of malt beverage.

©2000 Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO. All rights reserved.
Trademarks used under license, K-Line Electric Trains, Inc., licensee

Catalog: 2000 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Die Cast Steam Engine
  •   Tender
  •   3 Historical Reefers
  •   Double Dome Tank Car
  •   Illuminated Caboose
  •   AC Transformer w/ banana plug receptacles
  •   Whistle Controller
  •   SuperSnap™ 31" curves (8)
  •   SuperSnap™ 10" straights (4)
  •   Lighted Lockon and 40" wires w/ banana plugs at both ends (2)

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