K-1117   NYC “Iron Horse” Steam Freight Set New York Central
    $209.95 ea.    

Do you remember your first train set? Studies have shown that all model railroaders do. The sets on these, and the following pages are ideal to introduce a new engineer into the hobby. And you know they will always remember it. These sets feature a sturdy locomotive and a whole load of freight cars that feature die cast wheels and operating couplers.

Each set includes an oval of K-LINE’s exclusive SuperSnap track, a revolutionary, snap-together track system that is compatible with all O Gauge tubular track. The AC transformer provides plenty of power for operation. A whistle controller is included with steam sets only. Every part of this set has been designed to simplify set-up and get the new railroaders running their trains. The easy hook-up wires and a surge protector built into the track are two such features. Compare the value of these sets to those from other companies. There is no comparison.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

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