K-1121   Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Passenger Set Milwaukee Road
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The Milwaukee Road was a railroad known for its innovative passenger car designs and paint schemes. The 1935 introduction of the “Hiawatha” took the railroad world by storm. This brightly colored train was a high-speed, lightweight train designed in the same dimensions as conventional passenger cars. One of the most notable cars on the train was the skytop observation car. This unique car featuring 27 angular, flat windows consisting of 15 different shapes to form the Skytop area giving passenger spectacular views.

This “Hiawatha” Passenger Train features A-B-A F-7 Diesels with Lionel RailSounds, TrainMaster Command Control and Electrocouplers and six 15-inch Aluminum Passenger Cars. The engines feature the PowerLink system, whereby all motors are controlled by the electronics in the lead unit. The pulling power and smooth operation in Command or Conventional mode are unmatched by any other three-unit diesels.

Forty-four Milwaukee Road cars were assigned to streamliner service and were painted in Union Pacific colors. In 1955, UP began using Milwaukee Road’s rails east of Omaha. From that point on, Milwaukee abandoned their own unique colors and painted their entire fleet yellow and gray with red trim, including the “Hiawatha.”

Replicated in extruded aluminum, yet sized to run on any O-31 layout, is the Super Dome, the heaviest passenger car ever built. Milwaukee Road ordered ten of these 112 ton cars from Pullman Standard. The upper level sat 68 passengers, while the lower dining lounge area accommodated 28 passengers. One end of the lounge features a kitchen bar area.

Relive the excitement of the “Hiawatha” with this colorful set.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

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