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The United States was celebrating its 200th Birthday the last time the American Freedom Train rolled down the rails. The Freedom Train traveled 25,833 miles, through all 48 contiguous states, over 21 months and more than 7 million visitors viewed its 512 artifacts that represented the heritage of this great land of ours. With the cooperation of Museum of the American Freedom Trains, K-LINE’s highly detailed and accurate model of the Freedom Train arrives at a time when Americans are proud to display their patriotism and love of country.

While the American Freedom Train ran with a consist of 26 cars and one of three different steam engines, K-LINE’s consist of 5 prototypical, Aluminum passenger cars, is pulled by the red, white and blue GS-4 Steam Engine and Tender. In keeping with the spirit of America where everyone can have the opportunity to operate this patriotic beauty, the nearly scale engine and 18-inch scale passenger cars (of the prototype 72-foot cars) have been designed to run on 31-inch curves.

The set features the two showcase cars (#40 and #41), two display cars (#101 “The Beginning” and #110 “Conflict and Resolution”), featuring illuminated portraits and displays, and the observation car with accurate detailing and a gold-colored railing. Purchase the complete set, just the engine and tender, or the five cars in the set. The eight other display cars are sold separately, while four crew cars are sold in a 4-PAC. The remaining cars of this 26 car train will be offered in 2002.

The two K-LINE showcase cars feature large windows and resin cast models of the original six display pieces. These include: the B&O “The Arabian” locomotive, the Friendship Pumper Fire Truck, a 1904 Oldsmobile Scout, the Lunar Rover and the Freedom Bell. Also included is a route map of the Freedom Train, just like the real train displayed. All cars in the K-LINE American Freedom Train feature a prototypical body design and paint scheme. The display cars also feature prototypically correct, off-center end doors to accommodate the conveyor belt that moved 7 million visitors through the ten display cars.

The GS-4 steam engine and tender utilize the industry standard sound and control systems, Lionel RailSounds and TrainMaster Command Control, for smooth and reliable operation. The engine smokes and has an operating headlight and MARS light.

With patriotism running high, there is no better way to show pride in America than with this model of the American Freedom Train.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

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