K-1123S   The Girls Train with RailSounds Girls Train
    $549.95 ea.    

The original concept for the Girl’s Train began with Lionel’s experiments with “fashion-right” colors in the mid-1950s. A train decorated in pastel colors for girls was thought to be a winning combination, but no version of this set has ever truly included all the features that would appeal to female railroaders of all ages.

This fabulous set features the familiar pink steam and tender and colorful collection of freight cars made famous by the original set, but the additions make this train special. Four, pre-assembled buildings create the village of Rainbow Junction inside the 31” x 71” SuperSnap Track Layout. These colorful and fun structures feature music at the push of a button, lights and two buildings include a high quality resin base. An assortment of painted figures and accessories, die cast autos, billboards, telephone poles, railroad yard signs and operating streetlights provide the details needed to complete the village scene.

No train is complete without sound and this set has two options. The fully-loaded version features the industry standard, Lionel RailSounds full digital sound system. No additional hardware is needed for this conventional mode sound that includes whistle, bell, running sounds, squealing brakes, and communication between the crew and the control tower. A traditional air whistle is also available.

Don’t miss the chance to get this pastel beauty for the lady in your life. It will be appreciated for years to come.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

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On March 23, 2019 07:21 PM, Jon Schroeter wrote:

This set was advertised in the Summer 2001 Vol.10 No.2 edition of K-Line Connection as well as the Third Edition of the 2001 Catalog.

On June 27, 2019 06:08 PM, LaRae wrote:

Were there any add-ons for this set? I recently acquired an auto loader with 2 cadillacs. The color of the flat car is pastel purple with baby blue ends. The cars are pastel pink and blue. Its an ATSF 6646