K-1124   PRR Torpedo Limited Passenger Set Pennsylvania
    $649.95 ea.    
K-1124 K-1124 K-1124 K-1124 K-1124 K-1124

In the mid 1930s the advent of lightweight passenger cars combined with the streamlining of steam engines to revolutionize rail travel. Superior streamlined power leads the way in the Torpedo Limited passenger set. This engine and tender feature a tremendous number of scale level details, yet are designed to run on 31-inch curves. The smoking and illuminated engine hauls the five 15-inch aluminum passenger cars with ease.

Industrial designer, Raymond Loewy, designed a shrouded casing for a K-4 steam engine in 1936. The following year, matching lightweight passenger cars, with a vivid two-toned color scheme, were ordered from the Pullman-Standard company. This elegant two-tone tuscan train with gold stripes will be the showpiece of your layout.

Catalog: 2001 3rd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

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