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K-1127 K-1127 K-1127 K-1127

Be All You Can Be

The 27th Iron Rail Battalion is ready for action wherever they are needed. Just give them their rolling orders and they will arrive at their destination on time. This US Army Set is loaded with removable pieces for all the military might needed for the next enemy engagement.

The MP-15 Diesel is the point engine in the battalion and has the brawn and the brains to lead. It features a 3 position reversing unit, die cast trucks, metal chassis, operating couplers and a horn. Three Flat Cars carry a transport truck, army jeep and helicopter. These all metal vehicles are perfect for trackside troop movements and other military maneuvers. The other cars in the battalion provide their own action as the train moves down the track. Both the radar dish and the searchlight rotate as they scan the skies for unfriendlies. Bringing up the rear is the work caboose with an anti-aircraft gun to provide cover for the troops.

For added realism, push a button to hear battle sounds. The set also includes 18 soldiers, a large oval of track, transformer and horn controller. The Army needs new soldiers and this set provides great preparation for basic 'training.'

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: In Stock

Train Set Features
  •   MP-15 Diesel w/Horn
  •   Flat Car w/Helicopter
  •   Flat Car w/Jeep
  •   Flat Car w/Troop Transport Truck
  •   Operating Searchlight Car
  •   Operating Radar Car
  •   Work Caboose w/Anti-Aircraft Gun
  •   18 Soldier Figures
  •   31 x 61 SuperSnap Layout
  •   Terminal Track
  •   AC Transformer
  •   Horn Controller
  •   Hook-up Wires

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On December 06, 2016 01:08 AM, Anonymus wrote:

Do u have any parts for this train set?I need the operating search light.Operating Radarand the anti aircraft gun with the box around it