K-1129B   Canadian Pacific "The Canadian" 18" Passenger Set Canadian Pacific
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Canadian Pacific 'The Canadian'

The Canadian Pacific Railway, one of the largest railways in North America, defined transcontinental transportation for Canada. Canadian Pacific was chartered in 1880 for the specific purpose of building a rail line to unite the Pacific coast with the eastern provinces.

In the 1950s CP envisioned an all stainless-steel passenger train to be named The Canadian. In June of 1953, the CP placed the largest train car order in the history of the Budd Company. A total of 173 fluted cars were manufactured in Philadelphia for The Canadian and her sister train, The Dominion. During 1954-55, CP took delivery of all 173 cars, enough for two continental trains in each direction. The following types of cars were produced: Baggage/Dormitory, First Class Coach, Dome-Coach Buffet, Sleeping Car, Dining Car and Dome Observation.

This set is available in two lengths, one with 18 inch cars and the other with 15 inch cars. Both sets are led by Canadian Pacific F-7 A-A Diesels with Lionel RailSounds, Train Master Command Control and Electrocouplers. These features allow remote control of these engines using the industry standard control system. Both units are double-motored, with all four motors linked and pulling in concert with each other for maximum pull.

The aluminum passenger cars feature prototypically correct paint schemes and extrusions, fully furnished interiors with figures, patented overhead StreamLighting and hidden uncoupling mechanism. 31 inch curves are required for operation of the 15 inch cars, while a 42 inch curves is needed to run the 18 inch cars.

Catalog: 2002 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   F-7 A-A Diesels w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC & Electrocouplers
  •   Baggage Dormitory 3006
  •   Dome Coach 517
  •   Kent Diner
  •   Dawson Manor Pullman
  •   Tremblant Park Observation

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