K-1205   PRR "Madison Avenue" Passenger Set Pennsylvania
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Famous Engine Leads Postwar Trains

The Pennsylvania GG-1 has reached iconic status in the railroad world. Many railfans recognize its unique aerodynamic profile at a distance. Part of that is due to its ubiquity on the PRR New York to Washington electrified corridor. Pennsy operated a fleet of 139 GG-1s over the 650 route miles. Postwar train collecting also made the GG-1 famous. Many train sets from the 1950s were led by this double bullet engine. We have reproduced two of them using the latest technology to offer K-LINE quality and K-LINE affordability. Both GG-1s are equipped with Lionel RailSounds, TrainMaster Command Control and Electrocouplers for superior command operation.

The first features the Black Jack GG-1. This distinctive black engine carries five gold stripes and a red Pennsylvania keystone. It hauls four tuscan brown 15-inch Heavyweights that have very familiar names: Manhattan, Madison, Irvington and Hillside. Any postwar collector recognizes those names as the office and factory locations of a well-known toy train company. An additional 2-PAC of cars are available, based on archival models from the 1950s that were never produced.

The second set is led by a tuscan brown GG-1 with one wide gold stripe. This PRR Congressional Set was cataloged in 1956 with four aluminum cars, named after famous Americans. We have reproduced those cars down to smallest detail…and made them better. The quality of the decorating is superior to 1950s techniques, plus we have added our patented overhead Streamlighting illumination system and full interiors with figures. A matching Express Service Boxcar is now available for this historic set.

Compare these trains to the originals, and any reproductions, and you find K-LINE is way ahead of all others.

Catalog: 2002 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Black Jack GG-1 w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC and Electrocouplers
  •   Irvington Pullman 2625
  •   Madison Pullman 2627
  •   Manhattan Pullman 2628
  •   Hillside Observation 2629

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