K-1207   California Zephyr 15" Aluminum Passenger Set  
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California Zephyr

The word zephyr is derived from the Greek God of the West Wind, Zephuros, and means the west wind. When the California Zephyr debuted in 1949, it offered luxury service from Chicago to San Francisco. It traveled like the wind coming out of the west. The 2,532 mile route was operated by the Burlington Route, Rio Grande and Western Pacific over their respective tracks. The train's schedule was carefully planned in both directions in order to see both the Colorado Rocky Mountains and California's Feather River Canyon in the daylight hours.

Western Pacific F-7 A-B-A Diesels are the power source for the model version of this premier cross-country train. These engines feature Lionel RailSounds, TrainMaster Command Control and Electrocouplers and can handle whatever terrain you can throw at them. With four motors pulling together there is plenty of power to spare.

The 15 inch aluminum cars replicate the shiny, fresh out of the shops look of the original Zephyr cars. These cars negotiate 31 inch curves, so they can run on virtually any layout. The interiors of the cars include detailed furnishings, figures and patented overhead StreamLighting. A separate Diner is also available to round out this gleaming train.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   WP F-7 Powered A w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC, Smoke & Electrocouplers
  •   WP F-7 Dummy B
  •   WP F-7 Powered A w/Electrocouplers
  •   CB&Q Silver Roundup Dome Lounge
  •   CB&Q Silver Horizon Observation
  •   WP Silver Dollar Dome Coach
  •   CB&Q Silver Bear Baggage
  •   DRGW Silver Mustang Dome Coach

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