K-1212   Preamble Express Diesel Passenger Set  
    $299.95 ea.    
K-1212 K-1212 K-1212 K-1212 K-1212

America Rolls On

In this time of great patriotic spirit, we celebrate the history of the United States, and remember earlier celebrations. As the Bicentennial was approaching and plans were being developed for the American Freedom Train, a smaller train, the Preamble Express, set out on a cross-country journey. In 1974, the Preamble Express allowed the organizers of the American Freedom train to preview the route the longer train would take.

This five-unit train features a hearty Alco Diesel with a horn and four patriotic passenger cars. These cars feature prototypical numbers and have been named to honor four US Presidents. All four of these cars were later repainted and used on the American Freedom Train as crew cars and a press car/observation car.

This set includes an oval of K-LINE’s exclusive SuperSnap track, a revolutionary, snap-together track system that is compatible with all O Gauge tubular track. The AC transformer provides plenty of power for operation. Easy hook-up wires and a surge protector built into the track complete the package.

This affordable set is a great way for railroaders to show pride in their country.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Alco Diesel w/horn
  •   Washington Diner
  •   Jefferson Coach
  •   Lincoln Coach
  •   Kennedy Observation
  •   31 x 41 SuperSnap Layout
  •   Terminal Track
  •   AC Transformer
  •   Horn Controller
  •   Hook-up Wires

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