K-1219   LIRR Greenport Scoot Passenger Set Long Island
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K-1219 K-1219 K-1219 K-1219 K-1219

The popular Long Island Rail Road Greenport Scoot Train Set is back on the rails with a new selection of cars. This complete train set is ideal for fans of the nation’s largest passenger-carrying railroad, and beginning railroaders. The Greenport Scoot is a push-pull train in which one MP-15 diesel pulls the train in one direction and, without turning around, pushes the train in the other direction. At the opposite end of the train, a non-powered Alco FA houses the generator for the lights and climate control in the passenger cars.

The coaches and parlor cars are popular with city dwellers who travel to Long Island’s beaches during the summer. The LIRR actually has unique method to accommodate the weekday work commuters and the more numerous weekend recreation travelers. The seats in the parlor cars are movable and are positioned differently for weekend and weekday travel. During the work week the seats are turned with their backs to the windows, which allows easy conversation across the aisle. On the weekend more seats are added to accommodate additional riders, and all seats face forward.

Catalog: 2004 1st and 2nd Editions
Release Date: SOLD OUT
Product Availability: 2004 1st Edition

Train Set Features
  •   MP-15 Diesel, powered w/horn
  •   Alco FA, dummy
  •   Amagansett Parlor Car
  •   Coach #2846
  •   Coach #2847
  •   31” x 51” SuperSnap Oval Layout
  •   Terminal Track
  •   AC Transformer
  •   Horn Controller
  •   Hook-up Wires

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On August 20, 2013 08:44 PM, Anonymus wrote:

Hello if this train becomes availible please inform me thanks

On December 17, 2017 08:07 PM, joe cherepowich wrote:

looking for a horn controller for the Greenport Scoot. We have a brand new set.