K-1224   FDNY Firefighter Train Set FDNY
K-1224 K-1224 K-1224 K-1224 K-1224

A complete O Gauge train set leads off the FDNY electric train roster. The train set is ideal for children and adults alike. An MP-15 Diesel has the power to move the equipment where it is needed. The locomotive has dual motors, eight-wheel drive, a three-position reversing unit, operating front and rear couplers, an operating siren and a flashing red light.

The rolling stock features details unheard of in a toy-oriented train set and will provide hours of imaginative play for beginning railroaders. The set include cars with firefighters, ladders, operating searchlights, a boat and boat hoist and die cast vehicles. The set comes complete with everything needed for fun and firefighting, including a 31” x 61” SuperSnap O Gauge oval layout, K-LINE’s exclusive snap-together track; AC transformer; horn controller; figures and accessories. Expand the fun of the set with FDNY Die Cast vehicles on flat cars, additional die cast vehicles and O Scale firefighter figures.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of all K-LINE FDNY items will be donated to the FDNY’s Fire Safety Education Fund, which supports FDNY public education and outreach programs.

Catalog: 2003 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   FDNY MP-15 Diesel Engine w/flashing light
  •   FDNY Firefighter Tank Car w/firefighter on accordion ladder
  •   FDNY Search and Rescue Unit flat car with boat, boat hoist, searchlight, siren
  •   FDNY Communications Unit flat car with rotating radar unit, two die cast vehicles
  •   FDNY Searchlight Unit flat car w/rotating searchlight, firefighter on aerial extension ladder
  •   31” x 61” SuperSnap Oval Layout
  •   Terminal Track for easy hook-up
  •   AC Transformer and Horn Controller
  •   Figures and Accessories

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