K-1308   Operation Iraqi Freedom Train Set  
    $249.95 ea.    

A Train Set to Fight the War and Win the Peace

Catalog: 2004 1st and 2nd Editions
Release Date: SOLD OUT
Product Availability: 2004 1st Edition

Train Set Features
  •   US Army MP-15 w/blinking light
  •   US Central Command Humanitarian Gondola w/crates
  •   US Marines Flat Car w/medical truck and operating radar
  •   US Central Command Humanitarian Flat w/Crane & Operating Searchlight
  •   US Army Corps of Engineers Dep Center Flat w/construction vehicle
  •   US Army Dep Center Flat Car w/Patriot Missile Battery and 4 guns
  •   US Army Work Caboose w/machine gun sounds, 2 guns and 3 Patriot missiles
  •   M1 AbramsTank
  •   Flatbed Truck w/Vehicle
  •   Folding Bridge
  •   25 Soldiers
  •   41” x 61” SuperSnap Oval Layout including Terminal Track and Uncoupling Track
  •   120 Watt Transformer with Whistle & Direction Control and Adjustable Accessory Tap
  •   Hook-Up Wires

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