K-1433   FEC "Florida Limited" w/Scale Pacific Florida East Coast
    $1,199.95 ea.    
K-1433 K-1433 K-1433 K-1433 K-1433 K-1433

K-LINE introduces another in a line of Scale die cast steam engines, the USRA Light Pacific. We have added a 5-PAC of 18-inch Heavyweight Passenger Cars at no additional cost to create well-known and desirable steam train sets. These cars are a $350 retail value. Florida East Coast 'Florida Limited' features prototypical Pullman green cars.

The K-LINE Scale model of the 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Engine features the details that have become the new standard on die cast locomotives, including opening cab roof hatches, firebox glow, opening tender hatch revealing volume control, solid brass builder's plates, separate brass piping and cab interior lighting. This die cast locomotive features Cruise Control to maintain speed on a variety of terrain and puffing smoke synchronized to the wheels for added realism.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

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