K-1806   Great Nickel Plate Road Freight Set  


The New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad incorporated in 1881 and soon after earned the nickname Nickel Plate. One theory about the nickname’s origin lies in the pronunciation of NYCL. Another origin may be from an Ohio newspaper that referred to the new railroad as the great double track nickel-plated railroad. Either way, the name stuck and the route became known as the Nickel Plate Road (NKP). The NKP was one of the last railroads in the US to operate steam locomotives.
A smoking, die cast metal Pacific steam loco and whistling coal tender lead this colorful freight train around a large figure-8 track layout. All cars have metal wheels and operating knuckle couplers.

Catalog: 1999 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Nickel Plate Road Smoking Steam Engine
  •   Nickel Plate Road Whistling Tender
  •   Wabash Boxcar with opening doors
  •   Pennsylvania Triple Dome Tank Car with metal ladders and railings
  •   Union Pacific Gondola with removable crates
  •   Chesapeake & Ohio Bulkhead Flat Car with logs
  •   Nickel Plate Bay Window Caboose, illuminated
  •   Suburban Station with figures
  •   3 Billboards
  •   12 Railroad Yard Signs
  •   5 Telephone Poles
  •   UL Listed AC Transformer with Lock-on and wires
  •   Whistle Controller
  •   Remote Uncoupling Track
  •   27 inch x 82 inch Figure-8 Track Layout

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