K4415-0003IC   Chesapeake & Ohio "Chapel Hill" Business Car  
    K-LINE Collector's Club Member Exclusive. $50.00 ea.    

In addition to being the home of MDK, Chapel Hill is also the name of a private heavyweight observation car that has a long, interesting history and can still be found on the rails today. Now as a KCC member, you can add this unique and elegant private varnish to your own pike.

The car was built in 1922 by ACF as the private railcar for E.F. Hutton and his wife, Marjorie Merriweather Post. It was named Hussar and was for their personal use only. In February of 1937 the car was purchased by the Chesapeake & Ohio. It was then converted by the road into a business car, its inside layout stayed almost the same. It received C&O colors and was assigned the road number of 3. Its inside length is 72 feet 10 inches and the outside length is 82 feet 10 inches.

The next phase in this car's history came in 1971, when it was acquired by a private owner in Ohio. This individual had attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and so he named the observation car Chapel Hill in honor of his alma mater. The Chapel Hill car features many lush amenities, travels all across the United States and can be reserved for exciting one of a kind trips that harken back to the days of gracious rail travel.

Release Date: SOLD OUT

Passenger Car Features
  •   18 inches long
  •   O Scale (1:48)
  •   Overhead StreamLighting® Illumination
  •   Fully Furnished Interiors
  •   Six-wheel Die Cast Trucks
  •   Needle-Point Axles
  •   Fast Angle Wheels
  •   Vestibules w/ Opening Doors
  •   Operating Die Cast Couplers
  •   Underside Details
  •   Authentic Paint Schemes
  •   Metal Chassis
  •   Metal Steps
  •   Metal Grab Rails
  •   Diaphragms Included
  •   42 inch Diameter Curve Required

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