K-1213IC   Coca-Cola 15" Passenger Car Set Coca-Cola
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K-1213IC K-1213IC K-1213IC K-1213IC K-1213IC

Bring the world’s most recognizable trademark to your train collection with this passenger train set. This train set is perfect for the Coca-Cola enthusiast or the railroader looking for a colorful train to run on his pike. This red and silver train is led by a hearty MP-15 Diesel engine. It provides more than enough power haul these four 15-inch Heavyweights around your layout. These cars are named after notable men in Coca- Cola history.<>br>
In 1886 Dr. John S. Pemberton, purveyor of patent medicines and other tonics perfected the formula of a drink called Coca- Cola, made from coca leaves and kola nuts. Asa Candler had worked for Pemberton as early as 1872, and wound up, after a series of transactions, controlling the company within a short time of Pemberton’s death in 1888. By 1891 Candler owned all of the Coca-Cola business. Just thirty-three years old when he took command of The Coca-Cola Company in 1923, Robert Woodruff shaped the fledgling soft drink enterprise and its bottler franchise system into a corporate giant with the world’s most widely known trademark.

This train is only available to K-LINE Collector’s Club, so order yours today.

Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Coke MP-15 Diesel
  •   Woodruff Coach
  •   Atlanta Diner
  •   Candler Pullman
  •   Pemberton Observation

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