K762-8035   Black Bat Wood-Sided Reefer  
    $44.95 ea.    

Catalog: 2003 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Reefer Features
  •   11 1/2 inches long
  •   O Scale (1:48)
  •   Die Cast Metal Trucks
  •   All Metal Operating Couplers
  •   Separate Metal Ladders
  •   Separate Metal Grab Rails
  •   Opening Roof Hatches
  •   Separate Metal Brakewheel
  •   Metal Chassis with Underside Detailing
  •   Metal Door Runners
  •   Opening Doors

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On November 29, 2009 09:56 PM, Anonymus wrote:

After the made up K762-8029 Black Cat Candy, reefer was produced, it was time for another creative reefer. This time it was to be Black Bat, with a logo similar to Batman's. Black Bat Shoe Polish was again a made up product and even featured a creative slogan.