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K-1433 FEC "Florida Limited" w/Scale Pacific $1,199.95
K-7755 FEC Classic Thrall DTTX w/1 container & 2 ISO Tanks $62.95
K-7820052 Florida East Coast Container (40') $7.95
K-94365 FEC 98 Ford Pick-up $8.95
K641-1551A Florida East Coast Boxcar 2-PAC $59.95
K661-1551 FEC Classic Flat Car w/vats $32.95
K661-1552 FEC Classic Flat Car w/White Whale Vats $32.95
K762-7483 FEC Scale Historical Reefer No. 1 $39.95
K762-7487 FEC Scale Historical Reefer No. 2 $44.95