K762-8033   Kate Shelley Wood-Sided Reefer Girls Train
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July 6 1881 was a rainy night and Honey Creek, west of Moingona, Iowa, was rising quickly and overflowing its banks. The raging waters were smacking against the timbers of the railroad trestle, sweeping some of them away, leaving the bridge in a dangerous condition. Chicago & North Western's Freight Train No. 11 crossed the crippled trestle at this time. Not able to withstand the weight of the train, the trestle gave way, sending Engine No. 11 and its occupants, plunging into Honey Creek.

Kate Shelley, a young girl of 15, lived on a farm nearby, and heard the crash. Knowing the railroad’s schedule, Kate immediately knew what this crash was and ran out into the stormy night to see what help she could provide. Kate reached the site of the wreckage, observed the damage and spoke with some of the victims. She also came to the grim realization that the Atlantic Express passenger train, would soon be due on this same route.

Kate Shelley precariously made her way, carefully crawling across a 696 foot bridge which spanned across the neighboring Des Moines River to reach the Depot at Moingona. Here she was able to report the first accident and confirm that the Atlantic Express would not be taking that ill-fated route.

In 1899, Ms. Shelley provided assistance a yet another train accident and in 1903 became an agent at the Moingona station for the C&NW. In honor of Ms. Shelley’s heroic actions, she was afforded the privilege of having the train stop at her home pick her up and drop her off. K-LINE honors this young heroine with this Railroad Legends Commemorative Reefer.

Information from: Meyers, Edward H., 'The Girl they stopped the trains for,' Trains, October 1957.

The Kate Shelley name and images are used under permission by the Shelley family. Photographs have been provided by the Boone County (Iowa) Historical Society. For more information about Kate Shelley's life, contact the Boone County Historical Society located at the Boone County Historical Center, 602 Story Street Boone, Iowa 50036. Phone: (515) 432-1907, e-mail: bchs@opencominc.com or visit the Kate Shelley Railroad Museum located at 1198-232nd Street Moingona, IA 50036. Call (515) 432-1907 for hours of operation.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Reefer Features
  •   11 1/2 inches long
  •   O Scale (1:48)
  •   Die Cast Metal Trucks
  •   All Metal Operating Couplers
  •   Separate Metal Ladders
  •   Separate Metal Grab Rails
  •   Opening Roof Hatches
  •   Separate Metal Brakewheel
  •   Metal Chassis with Underside Detailing
  •   Metal Door Runners
  •   Opening Doors

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