KS742-8011   McLhaney Creamery Wood-Sided Reefer  
    $62.95 ea.    

K-LINE raises the bar again with its latest scale freight cars, and now available for 2-Rail. These 40-foot wood-sided reefers feature more prototypical detail than any reefers ever offered. The exterior details feature separate metal grab rails, die cast steps, die cast chassis, 2-rail scale die cast trucks, and highly-detailed, prototypical decorating schemes. These cars really shine when you remove the roof to reveal the details inside, including overhead meat racks and detailed ice bunkers. Put your other reefer orders on hold until you see these K-LINE wood-sided reefers. They are the nicest reefers ever made in 2-Rail Scale!

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Car Features
  •   1:48 Scale
  •   10” Long Body
  •   Die Cast Chassis
  •   Removable Roof
  •   Die Cast Steps
  •   Separate Metal Grab Rails
  •   Highly Detailed Opening Doors
  •   Opening Roof Hatches with Latches
  •   Underside Brake Detailing
  •   Overhead Meat Racks (in select cars)
  •   Separate Ice Bunkers
  •   Metal Coupler Lift Bar and Brake Hose
  •   Wooden Plank Detailed Interior Floor
  •   2 Rail Trucks with Kadee Couplers

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