K-4636D   Metrolink 21" Bombardier Commuter Car 4-PAC  
MSRP:  $599.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $539.96
K-4636D K-4636D K-4636D K-4636D

The Bombardier Bi-Level Passenger Car is one of the largest commuter rail passenger cars, designed to hold 70% more passengers than a single level car. In service since 1977, there are more than 650 of these distinctive cars in service throughout North America. In addition to standard coach cars, these Bi-Level cars include a cab car for push-pull operation, meaning the train can reverse direction without turning the train around. The provides added efficiency for a commuter operation.

The K-LINE scale version of these versitile cars are available in two lengths: 21? for full scale operation on 72? curves and 18? long shortened versions for operation on 31? curves. These high quality cars feature a sturdy plastic body riding on a metal chassis, opening side doors, separate metal grab rails, fully detailed interiors with passengers, new improved interior StreamLighting on both levels. The non-powered cab car features an operating headlight, operating classification lights and lighted number boards for realistic operation. The cab car also includes additional metal details including a die cast pilot and a die cast horn and bell on the roof. Create a commuter train for one of the many transit operations using these Bombardier cars around North America.

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority, known as Metrolink, was established in 1991, with service beginning the following year. The rail system operates on over 500 miles of track, linking downtown Los Angeles with 5 surrounding counties. Metrolink is one of the larger systems with 37 locomotives and 143 passenger cars, transporting 35,000 riders a day. Such a large system can easily take advantage of these large, efficient cars. The low-level platform doors allow a full carload of passengers, up to 360, on or off the coach within 90 seconds. Metrolink also takes advantage of push-pull operation, and not having to turn thr train around. Add a matching F59PHi diesel to your Los Angeles based commuter train, and take advantage of K-LINE?s operational features such as Command Control, Lionel RailSounds, Cruise Control and Electrocouplers.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: End 05

Passenger Cars Feature
  •   1:48 Scale
  •   Sturdy Plastic Contruction
  •   Metal Chassis
  •   Die Cast Trucks
  •   Separate Metal Grab Rails
  •   Opening Side Doors
  •   New and Improved Interior StreamLighting on Both Levels
  •   Fully Detailed Interior w/Passenger Figures
  •   Separate Roof Vents
  •   Separate Steps
  •   Diaphragms
  •   Windows Flush with Car Body
  •   Cars Require Minimum 72” Curves
  •   21” Long
  •   Control Car Features:
  •   Operating Headlight
  •   Operating Classification Lights
  •   Lighted Number Boards
  •   Die Cast Pilot
  •   Die Cast Horn and Bell on Roof

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