K2436-2002TC   Metrolink F59PHi Diesel w/RailSounds & TMCC  
MSRP:  $399.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $359.96

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority, known as Metrolink, was established in 1991, with service beginning the following year. The rail system operates on over 500 miles of track, linking downtown Los Angeles with 5 surrounding counties. Metrolink is one of the larger systems with 37 locomotives and 143 passenger cars, transporting 35,000 riders a day. Such a large system can easily take advantage of these large, efficient cars. The low-level platform doors allow a full carload of passengers, up to 360, on or off the coach within 90 seconds. Metrolink also takes advantage of push-pull operation, and not having to turn thr train around. Add a matching F59PHi diesel to your Los Angeles based commuter train, and take advantage of K-LINE?s operational features such as Command Control, Lionel RailSounds and Electrocouplers.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: Fall 05

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