K2403-1755   NC Dot City of Salisbury F59PHi Diesel  
MSRP:  $399.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $359.96

North Carolina Rail Travel

The North Carolina Department of Transportation sponsors two daily trains, which are operated by Amtrak. The Carolinian travels between Charlotte and New York City, while the Piedmont travels between Raleigh and Charlotte in approximately 3 hours. The Piedmont is led by an F59PHi decorated in the colors of North Carolina. The K-LINE Diesel features Lionel RailSounds, TrainMaster Command Control, Cruise Control, Electrocouplers and smoke for realistic and superior operation. The matching 18 inch aluminum cars are modeled after the ones that travel through the Tar Heel state. All originally owned by Amtrak, the North Carolina cars look similar to Amtrak cars, however, they carry the NC State flag. All cars include full interiors with figures and patented overhead StreamLighting

Catalog: 2004 1st and 2nd Editions
Release Date: Fall 05

Engine Features
  •   1:48 Scale
  •   TrainMaster Command Control
  •   Lionel RailSounds including CrewTalk and TowerCom
  •   Cruise Control
  •   Operating Smoke Unit w/On-Off Switch
  •   Dual Vertical Motors with Brass Flywheels
  •   Prototypical Reversing Lighting Effects
  •   Operating Ditch Lights
  •   Operating Directional Headlight & Flashing Strobe
  •   8-Wheel Drive with Quadra-Grip Traction
  •   Die Cast Trucks, Fuel Tank, Pilot & Wheels
  •   Operating Die Cast Metal Couplers
  •   Illuminated Number Boards & Marker Lights
  •   Roof Vent Detail & Lift Rings
  •   Etched Brass Screens on Sides
  •   Separate Fan Covers with Freely Rotating Fans
  •   Separate Metal Steps
  •   Rear Platform Detail
  •   Fully-Sprung Opening Cab Doors
  •   2 Engineer Figures
  •   Separate Windshield Wipers
  •   Metal Chassis
  •   15.75" Long

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