K635-8014   Panther Gasoline 2-Dome Tank Car  
    $34.95 ea.    

Loaded with separate metal details, these single and multi-dome historic tank cars are the most realistic ever offered. K-LINE's high quality fleet features a wide variety of roadnames. The sturdy die cast chassis and die cast trucks combine to offer a smooth ride for all your liquid cargo.

Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Tank Car Features
  •   10.5” Long
  •   Die Cast Metal Trucks
  •   All Metal Operating Couplers
  •   Die Cast Chassis
  •   Separate Metal Ladders
  •   Separate Metal Grab Rails
  •   Separate Metal Brakewheel
  •   Metal Detail Parts
  •   Opening Dome Top

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On June 03, 2014 08:02 PM, Dennis Gergel Jr. wrote:

The Panther Gasoline Co. never really exisited. Right after 911 happened we had to produce a number of fictional products because containers of product coming into this country were being checked more closely then ever before and we did not have the permission to use many existing companies. I had already created the panther artwork on my computer and to amuse myself I made a "Black Panther" company to see if anyone would get the reference.