K-27801   Pennsylvania & Reading Interurbans 2-PAC  
    $399.95 ea.    
K-27801 K-27801

Whether your model railroad runs diesel or electric, these K-LINE interurbans are just what every busy city needs. The low operating cost of these self-powered units made them suitable for quick commuter runs, as well as some intercity routes—including the 428-mile Philadelphia-Baltimore-Pittsburgh route serviced by B&O’s three-car Daylight Speedliners.

Each passenger car 2-PAC features one powered unit with dual motors and one dummy unit. Overhead StreamLighting illuminates the detailed interiors, while TrainMaster® Command Control and Lionel RailSounds™ Digital Sound contribute to the realistic operation.

Catalog: 2001 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Engine Features
  •   15” Long
  •   Dual Truck-Mounted Motors (in powered unit)
  •   TrainMaster® Command Control
  •   Lionel RailSoundsâ„¢ Digital Sound
  •   Fully Furnished Interiors with Passenger Figures Included
  •   Overhead StreamLighting® Illumination
  •   Operating Metal Trolley Pole
  •   Die Cast 6-Wheel Trucks
  •   Operating Headlight
  •   Operating Marker Lights
  •   Operating Die Cast Couplers
  •   Fast Angle Wheels with Needle-Point Axles
  •   Metal Pilot
  •   Metal Safety Chains at End
  •   Separately Applied Steel Grab Rails & Handrails
  •   Separate Metal Steps
  •   Metal Chassis with Undercarriage Detailing
  •   Prototypical Reproduction with Authentic Paint Schemes

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On March 14, 2009 03:56 PM, Kevin Shelton thinks that something is not accurate:

features say 6-wheel trucks but photo clearly shows 4-wheel trucks