K3499-0381CC   Philadelphia & Reading 4-6-6T Tank Engine (Command)  
MSRP:  $599.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $539.96

The 4-6-6T Suburban Tank Engine, was primarily used in commuter service, or other applications where short distances were required and there was little room for the locomotive to turn around. The water and the coal bins were built into the extended frame of the locomotive, so it was possible to these tank engines to go in either direction easily. Built in 1928 for the Boston & Albany to haul commuter trains to and from Boston, these locomotives could accelerate quickly from the closely spaced station stops and operate efficiently in reverse. Later transferred to the New York Central, this workhorse engine continued in commuter service. Other railroads also utilized these versatile tank engines in variety of services, in addition to commuter runs.

K-LINE?s scale model of this engine is the first version of this unique loco in O Scale. This die cast beauty is produced from all new tooling and includes all the separate details you have come to expect in K-LINE?s scale fleet including separate metal handrails, quality die cast construction, brass builder?s plates, decorative whistle and bell with bell pull and a firebox glow. The operational choices of this engine are sure to please with 3 options: conventional with cruise control and K-Sounds; command with cruise control, RailSounds and electrocouplers; and a DC version for 2-Rail scale operation. With a variety of roadnames, this Suburban Tank Engine will definitely find a place on your layout.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: Fall 05

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