K-4899A   Red Cross Heavyweight 3-PAC  
    $149.95 ea.    
K-4899A K-4899A K-4899A

As a response to our recent national tragedy, we wanted to do something that would help those in need. To that end, we are producing a 3-PAC of American Red Cross Pullman Cars and making a donation of all the profits to the Red Cross for every 3-PAC sold.

These 15? Heavyweight Cars are based on three Pullman Sleepers that were rebuilt for the Red Cross in 1917. They operated as laboratories on rails and were used to control epidemics. American Railroads willingly moved these cars around the country to help do their part to aid the prevention of disease.

Each car was named after a leader in the field of communicable diseases. Walter Reed was a US Army surgeon and bacterioligist who determined the cause of yellow fever. Louis Pasteur was a world-renowned French chemist and biologist, who founded the science of microbiology, proved the germ theory of disease, invented the process of pasteurization, and developed vaccines for several diseases, including rabies. Elie Metchnikoff was Russian biologist, Nobel laureate and a founder of the science of immunity, based on his discovery regarding the function of white blood cells.

3-PAC Includes
Walter Reed Pullman
Louis Pasteur Pullman
Elie Metchnikoff Pullman

Order these cars today and make a difference. A Red Cross donation of all profits from these cars will be made based on your order commitment. You will not be charged until prior to shipment.

To make a donation directly to the American Red Cross, call 1-800-HELP-NOW (1-800-435-7669) or go to their web site, www.redcross.org.

These Shipping & Handling Charges supercede the S&H on the confirmation of your order.

Shipping & Handling
Continental US/48 States $10.00
Alaska/Hawaii $15.00
Canada $20.00
Other Countries $25.00

Catalog: 2002 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Passenger Car Features
  •   15 inches long
  •   Overhead StreamLighting® Illumination
  •   Fully Furnished Interiors
  •   Six-wheel Die Cast Trucks
  •   Needle-Point Axles
  •   Fast Angle Wheels
  •   Vestibules w/ Opening Doors
  •   Operating Die Cast Couplers
  •   Underside Details
  •   Authentic Paint Schemes
  •   Metal Chassis
  •   Metal Steps
  •   Metal Grab Rails
  •   Diaphragms Included
  •   31 inch Diameter Curve Required

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On November 15, 2009 08:52 PM, Dennis J. Gergel Jr. wrote:

September 11, 2001 was a difficult day to work at the K-Line plant in NC. We listened to the radio and watched the TV as the events occurred. Maury, Nick, Jeff and others there visited New York regularly, so the tragedy really hit home. It was either that day or in the evening that I had the idea to try to help in some fashion. I kept seeing the American Red Cross on TV and their requests for blood dontaions. I had already researched these prototypical cars beforehand and I decided to submit for K-Line to do them as a 3-PAC and donate the profits from their sale to the American Red Cross. In reality, I am sure these cars had been painted Pullman Green (I only had black and white reference photos for the cars.) But I really wanted these cars to sell and be unique, so I went with the red body color, white graphics and silver roofs. I thought they would be appealing and stand out in a collection or on a layout. I remember the idea got an instant go ahead and were produced very fast. K-Line produced this 3-PAC before talking to the American Red Cross. Later we were going to do a non-prototypical American Red Cross rescue train set that was going to be authorized by them. I created the art for the set, but they did not get back to us with an approval. So the set never made it past the artwork stage. It was cataloged as a generic rescue set in blue and white colors. But that was never produced and instead an authorized FDNY set went into production. But this American Red Cross 15 inch Heavyweight 3-PAC predates all the later K-Line FDNY and NYPD authorized products created in response to 911.

On March 18, 2019 04:50 PM, Ron wrote:

Have original set Mint in box and wrapping cardboard..
Was it a one-year item in 2002? (No date on my shipping wrapper?)