K2436-5006TC   VRE F59PHi Diesel w/RailSounds & TMCC  
MSRP:  $399.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $359.96

In 1992 Virginia Railway Express commuter rail service began from Northern Virginia to Washington. Like in many other US metropolitan areas, one of the leading concerns in establishing rail service was the heavy rush hour traffic on area highways, in this case Interstates 66 and 95.

The line mostly uses Norfolk Southern and CSX trackage, plus two miles over Conrail and the final 1.1 miles into Washington Union Station over Amtrak. The total system is 81.1 miles. Train operation is push-pull requiring no train reversals or turn-arounds. The trains are controlled from the cab car northbound and from the locomotive southbound.

Although they have since purchased their own Bi-Level cars from another car manufacturers, VRE?s initial cars were Bombardier cars leased from Sound Transit in Seattle. These cars carry the Sounder paint scheme, however, the word ?Sounder? has been replaced with the letters VRE. Add this matching, prototypical VRE F59PHi Diesel with Lionel RailSounds, Command Control and Electrocouplers to create this eastern corridor commuter train.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: Fall 05

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