K2403-0334   Amtrak Scale F40PH Diesel w/Lionel RailSounds & TMCC Amtrak
    $379.95 ea.    

Amtrak’s premier diesel-electric engine, the F40PH is one of the most recognized engines to travel the rails. Introduced by Electro-Motive Division in 1976, this turbo-charged, 3,000 hp, four-axle locomotive significantly contributed to the reliability of Amtrak operations. Equipped with TrainMaster® Command Control and Lionel RailSounds™ Digital Sound for the most realistic sound and operation, this popular locomotive is an important addition to any Amtrak layout.

Catalog: 2000 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Engine Features
  •   Dual Vertical Motors with Brass Flywheels
  •   3 Position Reversing Unit
  •   Lionel RailSounds™ Digital Sound
  •   TrainMaster® Command Control
  •   Operating Metal Couplers
  •   Detailed Die Cast Trucks
  •   Metal Chassis
  •   Separate Metal Handrails
  •   Separate Metal Ladders
  •   Die Cast Fuel Tank
  •   Die Cast Pilot
  •   Operating Running Lights
  •   Operating Headlights
  •   Operating Ditch Lights
  •   Illuminated Number Boards
  •   Engineer Figure
  •   Stainless Steel Screens
  •   Roof Vent Detail
  •   Freely Rotating Fans
  •   Rear Platform Detail
  •   Horn Detail
  •   Lift Rings
  •   Opening Cab Doors
  •   Separate Windshield Wipers
  •   14" L x 2-1/2" W x 3-7/8" H

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On September 10, 2020 10:00 AM, Anonymus wrote:

I have a K-Line F40PH diesel with sound issues. When in neutral the sound coincides with the amount of voltage - as it should. The engine will rev up when I apply more power and idle when I give it minimal power. However, when running in forward/reverse, it stays in idle and occasionally will restart randomly while moving. Steps I've taken so far: replaced the battery, which seemed to cure some other erratic issues with speed control. Is there a way to correct this?