Please Read Before Contacting Us... is the new home for the old K-Line Trains website as it existed at the time of its bankruptcy and dissolution. Only data that was online at that time is available here.

Use the form below to contact me. When you click the "Save" button, I will get an email and try to respond as best I can within a couple of days. However, to save us all some time, please read the points below before clicking on the "Save" button. is ....

  • A host of catalog data between the years of 1999 to 2005.
  • Not affiliated with the K-Line Trains, Maury Klein, Sanda Kan, or Lionel organizations.
  • Fully supported financially by a 3-rail O-gauge train fan and the generous donations of others who share that passion.

At this time, is not....

  • A retail store with new or used product to sell. Nor do I have parts available for sale.
  • A repair shop with knowledge of how to fix K-Line trains.
  • A library of product documentation.
  • Responsible for the accuracy of the listings. HOWEVER, if you see something that is obviously inaccurate, I will try and fix it. Just post a message on the item you think is inaccurate.
  • If you posted a comment or suggested a change to a listing, it will be approved soon. I review all content provided by users and approve them as soon as I can get to them.

Here are some resources I've collected that might be helpful.

At one time, Brasseur Electric Trains had all the pre-2005 parts. They are in Michigan [989-793-4753].

The O Gauge Railroading On-Line Forum has 1000's of members who are normally very helpful when problems arise with K-Line (or any other) 3-rail products.

EBay still has 1000's of K-Line products for sale.

Do you still have a question?

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