Welcome to Legacy K-Line Trains

Welcome to the new home for the old K-Line Trains catalogs from 1999 to 2005, plus a whole lot more.

The demise of the original K-Line trains website made getting reliable specifications for products manufactured during 1999 to 2005 nearly impossible. For both collectors and those who search the secondary markets for K-Line products, this was a significant issue.

At LegacyKLine.com, we have preserved over 8000 files of information from the original K-LineTrains website (as of December 2006), and with Lionel's permission, are presenting this information to the model train community.

But there is much more to LegacyKLine.com than just the old catalogs.

Your Participation Will Make This Better

1. You can help make the data better

While our data capture and conversion process was largely successful, there are areas where the data was incomplete. Each product page has the opportunity for you to suggest an update to the data. Particularly missing was the product sub-types.

2. Help ensure the product specifications are correct.

We all know that product descriptions in catalogs published by the manufacturers are not always accurate. These are typically corrected over time when the train lovers point out the error and they are fixed in the publications. As caretakers of this data, you can report an inaccuracy published on this site on any product.

3. Tell us your experience with the products.

We also know that first hand experience with a product or community discussion about a product is a valuable resource. Therefore, you can also comment on any item to tell us that it's your favorite, or how you had some problems with it.

4. Show us your K-Line trains in action.

One of the best parts of the online catalog was the great photos of the products. However, some photos don't always represent the reality of the product delivered. There were also photos that were either not on the site or were lost in the translation. At LegacyKLine.com, now you can upload your own photos of products to the site for all to see.

All user inputs are staged prior to being approved for publication. This is to protect the integrity of the data. Please refer to our publication guidelines for official rules.

Thanks for Visiting!

In the extended entry is some more information as to the genesis of this project.

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