K-0002   Complete Service Manual for Lionel Trains  
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This text provides all schematic and wiring diagrams, a description of each item, and repair and operating instructions. Additional pages are included from the Lionel instruction sheets which accompany engines, operating cars and accessories. This permanently bound, hardcover book is a library edition designed for a lifetime of use.

Table of Contents

Steam Locomotives and Diesel Engines
Development of Lionel Locomotives
Description of Locomotives
Disassembly and Servicing of Locos
Troubleshooting analysis
Cleaning and Lubricating
Specific Engines
Lionel Reversing E-Units
Lionel Smoke Generators (SU)
Remote Control Whistles
Passenger Train Cars
Freights Cars, Operating and Non-Operating
Overview of Lionel Operating Cars
General Operating Cars
Trucks and Couplers
Operating Accessories
Lionel Replacement Lamps
Remote Control Track Sets
Lionel Transformers
General Description
Multi-Control Transformers
Servicing Transformers
Voltage outputs for various transformers
Specific Models
Lionel No. 5F Universal Test Set
Lionel Service Tool
Suggested Track Layouts for O and O-27 Track

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Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: Spring 06

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