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K-1408CC UP Command Mikado Set including 4 Die Cast Hoppers $849.95
K-1408W UP Conventional Mikado Set including 4 Die Cast Hoppers $699.95
K-1903 Union Pacific Freight Set $189.95
K-21911A Union Pacific Alco Diesels and Caboose $174.95
K-25901TC UP F-3 A-A w/RailSounds & TMCC $599.95
K-28901H Union Pacific E-8 A-B-A, digital horn $624.95
K-28901S Union Pacific E-8 A-B-A w/Lionel RailSounds & TMCC $699.95
K-42434 Union Pacific Railroad Paint Shop w/Scale Boxcar $99.95
K-42449 Unloading Station Building $29.95
K-4690A UP City of Los Angeles Baggage/RPO 2-PAC (15 $199.95
K-4690B UP City of Los Angeles 4-PAC (18 $469.95
K-4690C Union Pacific "City of Los Angeles" 21" Passenger Car 3-PAC $379.95
K-4690D UP "City of Los Angeles" 21" 2-PAC $249.95
K-4690E UP 18" Aluminum Passenger 4-PAC $459.95
K-4690F UP 18" Aluminum Passenger 2-PAC $229.95
K-4690G UP 18" Aluminum Passenger 2-PAC $229.95
K-4690H UP 21" Aluminum Passenger 2-PAC $249.95
K-4890A UP "The Challenger" 4-PAC $199.95
K-4890B UP Forty Niner 4-PAC $199.95
K-5434A Union Pacific 4-PAC $69.95
K-6362 Union Pacific Scale Tank Car $32.95
K-6994 Union Pacific Scale Flat Car w/bulkhead, stakes $26.95
K-7212 Union Pacific Classic Operating Searchlight $32.95
K-7810008 Union Pacific ISO Tank $15.95
K-7820045 Union Pacific Aztec Service Container (40') $7.95
K-7820058 Union Pacific 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-7860062 Union Pacific 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-94358 UP 95 Ford Pick-up $8.95
K2490-0721 Union Pacific GP7 Diesel $59.95
K2490-2400 Union Pacific GP38-2 Diesel w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC, Smoke & Electrocouplers $379.95
K2490-2402 Union Pacific GP38-2 Diesel Engine, Real Sounds® $333.00
K2590-1476 UP F-3 B-Unit $139.95
K2629-02 Union Pacific Motorized Van $49.95
K2630-03 UP Plymouth Switcher $99.95
K2631-03 Union Pacific Porter Steam Engine $99.95
K3390-3218 UP Pacific Steam Engine &Tender $519.95
K3490-0001 UP B6 Scale Switcher w/Electrocouplers $599.95
K3690-2480W UP Scale Mikado w/Lionel SignalSounds $529.95
K3690-2499CC UP Scale Mikado w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC & Electrocouplers $649.95
K3790-3984CC UP Challenger w/command (gray) $649.95
K3790-3984W UP Challenger w/whistle (gray) $499.95
K3790-3985CC UP Challenger w/command (black) $649.95
K3790-3985W UP Challenger w/whistle (black) $499.95
K3790-4006S Union Pacific Big Boy #4006 w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC, Smoke & Electrocoupler $472.45
K3790-4009W Union Pacific Big Boy #4009 w/Smoke & Whistle $399.95
K3790-4012W Union Pacific Big Boy #4012 w/Smoke & Whistle $359.95
K3790-4015S Union Pacific Big Boy #4015 w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC, Smoke & Electrocoupler $524.95
K4690-20001 UP Arden Business Car $119.95
K4690-49002 Union Pacific Flat End 21" Dome Observation $124.95
K511-018 Union Pacific S Gauge Boxcar $22.95
K611-2112 Union Pacific Lighted Caboose $19.95
K612-2112 Union Pacific Scale Bay Window Caboose $44.95
K612-2113 UP RR Police Smoking Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K612-2114 Union Pacific Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K613-2112 Union Pacific Classic Extended Vision Caboose #25496 "Safety the living end" $64.95
K613-2113 Union Pacific "Survivor" Scale Extended Vision Caboose $69.95
K616-2111 UP Wood-Sided Caboose $59.95
K616-2112 Union Pacific Smoking Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K617-2111 UP Scale OC Cupola Caboose $64.95
K618-2111 UP Modern Caboose $59.95
K619-2111 UP Caboose $19.95
K621-2112 Union Pacific Hopper $19.95
K621-2112A UP Hopper & Caboose 4-PAC $69.95
K622-2111A Union Pacific Classic 6-PAC $149.95
K623-2112A Union Pacific Scale Hopper 3-PAC $159.95
K623-2115 UP Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-2116 UP Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-2117A UP Scale Freight 5-PAC $199.95
K623-2118A UP, smooth 4-PAC $199.95
K6243-2111 UP 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6243-2112 UP 3-Bay Modern Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $54.95
K6253-2111 UP Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K626-2111 UP 4-Bay Ribbed Hopper $49.95
K631-2111 Union Pacific Tank Car $19.95
K6333-2111 Union Pacific Research Project Tank Car $54.95
K6333-2112A Union Pacific Aluminum Tank Car 3-PAC $189.95
K641-2113 UP Express Service Boxcar $29.95
K641-2114A UP Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K641-2115A UP Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K642-2112A Union Pacific Wood Sided Reefer 6-PAC $109.95
K642-2113A Union Pacific Wood Sided Reefer 6-PAC $109.95
K661-2112 UP Classic Flat Car w/2 dc48 Ford F-1 Pickups $32.95
K661-2114 UP Flat Car (#904503) w/Scout 4 Fighter Plane $35.95
K676-2111A UP Coil Car 3-PAC $105.95
K693-2111 Union Pacific Scale Die Cast Flat Car w/I Beam $64.95
K694-2111 Union Pacific Scale Evans Auto Loader w/2 ea '48 Ford PU '53 Ford PU, '60 VW K-Ghia $64.95
K7041-2111 Union Pacific Operating Voltmeter Car $59.95
K705-2111 UP RR Police Camera Car $249.95
K712-2111 UP Operating Coal Dump Car $54.95
K722-2111 UP Operating Double Searchlight $39.95
K723-2111 UP Operating Log Dump Car w/ Vehicle & Bin $32.95
K752-2111 Union Pacific Scale Die Cast Reefer $44.95
K752-2112 UP Die Cast Reefer $49.95
K752-2113 UP Die Cast Reefer (New Road #) $49.95
K761-2111A UP Boxcars $69.95
K761-2114 UP Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K761-2116 UP Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K762-2122A UP & SP Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 4-PAC $160.00
K763-2111A Union Pacific Scale Stock Car 2-PAC $79.90
K765-2111 Union Pacific Scale Boxcar $39.95
K765-2112 UP Herbie Boxcar $44.95
K767-2111 UP Bunk Car $49.95
K770-2111A Union Pacific TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (AED) $129.95
K770-2111B Union Pacific TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (BCD) $129.95
K771-2111 UP Front Runner w/2 UP ISO Tanks (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K872-101 UP Panel Truck $14.95
K922-005 UP GP Diesel $99.95
KS767-2111 UP Bunk 2-Rail Scale Car $52.95