K6333-2112A   Union Pacific Aluminum Tank Car 3-PAC Union Pacific
    $189.95 ea.    
K6333-2112A K6333-2112A K6333-2112A

Order these Aluminum Tank Cars in stunning UP Colors.

Release Date: In Stock
Product Availability: The Train Loft
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E-Mail: Jkonc52032@aol.com
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Tank Car Features
  •   Extruded Aluminum Tank
  •   Die Cast End Caps
  •   Die Cast Platforms
  •   Prototypical Hatch & Vent Details
  •   Prototypical Catwalk Detail
  •   Separate Metal Grab Rails
  •   Separate Metal Ladders
  •   Stamped Metal Brakewheel
  •   Prototypical Die Cast Metal Brake Detail
  •   Operating Die Cast Metal Couplers
  •   Die Cast Trucks
  •   Diamond Warning Markers
  •   Metal Drain Detail
  •   11.9"L x 4"H x 2.25" Tank Diameter

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On April 02, 2009 12:47 PM, Jeff Konczal -Train Loft wrote:

661968 is a flammable liquid, diesel fuel, shop point is Los Angeles
60874 is a corrosive, molten sulfur, shop point Omaha
64169 is a poison, inedible tallow, shop point Cheyenne.
These aluminum tank cars are the only ones made with placards printed on the placard stands.