K612-2031   Southern Pacific Classic Bay Window Caboose #1650 Southern Pacific

The caboose holds a special place in the hearts of most railroad fans. The Western Depot in Yuba City, CA, has commissioned K-LINE® Electric Trains to produce highly detailed cabooses decorated for ATSF, BN, SP and UP. This special limited run of Extended Vision and Bay Window style cabooses will be available exclusively through The Western Depot. The new cabooses are simply the best in the industry, featuring furnished interiors, overhead StreamLighting®, operating smoke units, opening doors, stamped metal chassis, metal ladders, brake wheels and handrails.

Operated from the mid-1950s through the 1980s, these are the perfect cabooses to bring up the markers on your K-LINE® and other manufacturers’ locomotives.

Each caboose is limited to just 1000 pieces!

Also Available: K612-2032 SP #1670
Also Available: K612-2033 SP #1690

Release Date: In Stock
Product Availability: The Western Depot is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Coast Time
Phone: (530) 673-6776
24-hour fax: (530) 673-5590
Web: www.westerndepot.com

Caboose Features
  •   Furnished Interiors
  •   Overhead StreamLighting®
  •   Operating Smoke Unit w/ on-off switch
  •   Stamped Metal Chassis
  •   Metal Ladders
  •   Metal Brakewheels
  •   Stainless Steel Grab Rails on Sides and Ends
  •   Underside Chassis Detail
  •   Bronze Bathroom Vent
  •   Brass Radio Antenna
  •   Metal Safety Chain
  •   Opening Doors
  •   Placard at End
  •   Stainless Steel Landing Platform
  •   Stainless Steel Walkway on Top of Caboose

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